Researchers have found a way to address the seven-year itch that doesn't involve scratching, but something far more junior high.
Your toddler is a mini-revolutionary who likes to say NO, fling food, and do everything you ask him/her not to. So how do you know if she's stressed?
My life started out as 'Are You There God, It's Me Margaret' and has somehow ended up as a Stephen King horror novel.
Every year I leave Blissdom feeling inspired but this year I left feeling lucky.
When my husband asked me if I wanted to be a fundraiser or a writer it made me realize I don't have to choose one over the other.
There are certain tactics needed in order to have your readers read your post exactly as it sounds in your head and I stand by my use of ...
I pitched Erica an idea about a woman who stayed at home to raise her children and then went back to work. I pulled that one out of my ass.
woman writing a book
Publishing your first novel is a lot like having your first baby. You don't stop when things get hard–you learn, adjust and take as much joy from it as you can