This year spark a conversation with your kids about giving back and spark a difference in the lives of families around the world.
by: Erica Ehm
Child slavery: A skeleton in our closet?
Are you contributing to child slavery? Find out five simple things you can do to make sure a child on the other side of the world stays safe.
Canadian kids welcome Syrian refugees |
Canadian children of all ages have an important and incredibly touching message for Syrian refugees: Welcome.
It’s natural to want to protect our children and keep them safe. You can do something to protect children around the world—right now.
by: Erica Ehm
Selling Young Girls Into Marriage
In the least developed countries around the world girls as young as eight are being sold into marriage. Find out how you can help protect these children.
How To Buy Ethical Chocolate
Almost all chocolate sold is not certified to be free of child, forced, or trafficked labour. Find out how you can buy chocolate that's made ethically.
International Human Rights Day is on December 10th. Here are some questions you can raise with your kids to teach them about rights they may take for granted.
by: Erica Ehm
A Unique Way to Teach Kids About Gratitude and Giving Back
Learn how you can encourage your family to be the change and spark a difference in the world.