Amy and Danielle
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A book about women who share stories of career success after having children.
Entrepreneur of the week Kimberly Ignas is a Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Appreciating Health, a business that focuses on good food and health.
Do you feel like you carry most of the burden in your house? Do you carry The Motherload?
pantene ad
In only 60 seconds this ad by Pantene Philippines manages to demonstrate what it is like to be a career woman in today's world.
Lisa Endlich Heffernan regrets her decision to stay at home with her children and wants moms to think twice before kissing their careers goodbye.
Lucci and Ortiz come clean on why moms are going to love the new show Devious Maids, a dramedy with a soap opera edge.
Karen Walker is the owner of SwaggerTag, a business that sells customized identification tags that reflect your personality.