Arianna Huffington's smart advice on addressing the modern plague of business burnout and how you can apply some balance in your life.
by: Erica Ehm
pantene ad
In only 60 seconds this ad by Pantene Philippines manages to demonstrate what it is like to be a career woman in today's world.
working moms off the mommy track
Why does anyone need to label a woman, whether working outside of the home or not, as being on this particular set of tracks?
Lisa Endlich Heffernan regrets her decision to stay at home with her children and wants moms to think twice before kissing their careers goodbye.
woman looking in mirror
I swore I would stay active, find the perfect balance, not feel guilty about my parenting, and I would never, ever turn into my mother! None of it happened.
Rather than championing the cause of working mothers like herself, the CEO of Yahoo! has made life harder for her own employees trying to strike a balance.
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Is this concept the elusive unicorn of motherhood?