emma watson
You definitely want to take time from your day to watch this inspiring and passionate speech about feminism.
why #YesAllWomen is not ok
Sadly, I am used to the threat of misogynistic violence and harassment. Here are some of the “normal” ways it influences my everyday life and it's not okay.
Interntational Women's Day | YummyMummyClub.ca
As far-fetched as these future events sound, they'll still happen before women reach equality.
YesAllWomen Campaign
The problem isn't what we tell our girls, the problem is in what we are not saying to our boys.
women search on google
If you type in the phrase "Women need to..." into Google, the results that come up will shock you.
topless in vancouver
A topless march led to people whipping out smartphones to ogle the flesh on display. Spill it? Are we too puritanical a nation to embrace public nudity?
11-Year-Old Girl Pleas To Escape Marriage
In a three-minute clip gone viral, Nada al-Ahdal makes a passioned case for ending child marriages, like the one she left her home in Yemen to escape.
The extreme misogyny and intolerance we are seeing is simply the death throes of an old way of thinking.