I have an appointment with a new fertility doctor but I'm afraid to go. What if I find out the miscarriages are my fault? What if I'm killing my babies?
Every time I put on my Spanx so I can fit into my dress pants, I think of the miscarriage.
Why can I get nitrous oxide for something as simple as getting my teeth cleaned but have to live through the pain of putting stress on my marriage?
Who would have thought that taking your glasses off could be such a profound experience?
So, for the third time this year, I got a Big Fat Positive; and for the third time this year, I’m going for a D&C.
February is Black History Month in Canada and African American History Month in the U.S.A. Dr. Yvonne Thornton shares her inspiring story Something To Prove.
No time to make it to the gym? Programs customized to your schedule and goals
My brain has a built-in clock that measures from the anniversary of both miscarriages. In another reality, today I would have a four-month-old baby.