Think of a vehicle warming up like your own workout warm-up.
It's not winter that is awful, it's the insufferable people who make it that way.
Winter Driving: 5 Things You Need to Do to Stay Safe
Winter tires are part of the equation when it comes to keeping your family safe on the road but there are five other things you should also be doing.
Winter temperature
Our temperatures can spread about 50 degrees Celsius when we look at the low and high ranges through the year. Here's why your vehicle hates this cold weather.
Myths and Truths About Winter Tires
The four biggest myths about winter tires and the simple test you can do to know when to switch from your all-season to winter.
Use air conditioner in winter
This winter, as part of maintenance, use your car's air conditioning regularly or you might end up paying for it.
Most automatic cars have two or three options after Drive. But do you know what these positions are for and how to use them without damaging your vehicle?
Still Not Sure About Buying Winter Tires? Read This
Find out why all-season tires just don't cut it for cold Canadian winters and what walnuts have to do with helping to keep you safe.