It’s kind of like the first time you go to an amusement park.
I’m not ready to have a conversation about the word thin with my five-year-old, but it doesn’t seem that I have a choice.
I grew up in the late-1990s and early 2000s, when the culture of thin bodies with smooth skin was the beauty standard.
I accidentally bought the wrong size pants and this was the best mistake ever.
Carleton University in Ottawa is in hot water after removing a scale from the fitness centre to help stop people from obsessing about weight.
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An Indiana student refused to do her homework, and she wasn't afraid to say so in a spectacular and wonderful fashion.
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Milk. It may do a body good, but what kind should you opt for?
Losing weight is not something that should be on his radar. But even if he was on the heavier side, like our older son is, it would have broken my heart.