It's going to be hard to beat this Mother/Son dance. Watch this video and get ready to smile.
skatepark ramp
A father attempting to teach his young son how to skateboard was banned from the park after a video showed the man shoving the boy off the ramp.
pregnant video
Azalea's hit song of the summer gets a pregnant twist with this parody that covers everything about pregnancy. Work it, baby!
april fools prank
This could probably be the best April Fools' joke ever. Thankfully the professor has a good sense of humour.
singers on plane
If only every flight could be started this way. Watch this video where the cast of The Lion King treated these plane passengers to the Circle Of Life.
kids saying naughty words
Turns out the words you may think are naughty aren't the same words kids think are naughty. What naughty words have your kids said?
toddler dancing
Take a moment to watch this video that's sure to make you smile. We should all wake up this way.
korean babies dancing
With 2.6 million views and counting, this viral video of a baby with groove will make your day.