Rice Paper Rainbow Wrap
Now there's no excuse for not having a salad on-the-go.
Throw the ingredients into a slow cooker and make a soup so good, your kids won't even realize it's good for them.
When you mix hummus with guacamole you get this dip that is impossibly delicious.
by: Paula Roy
Nothing else that comes from a roasting pan will leave your family as full or as happy as Pot-au-feu.
5 Minute Basic Cheese Sauce
Five minutes to make a creamy cheese sauce that can go on vegetables or used for a homemade mac and cheese. Because cheese makes everything taste better.
A sneaky way to get your family to eat more vegetables, even non-spinach lovers are going to love this lasagna.
You can use your kids to help make this chicken soup recipe that will have them wishing for more.
A colourful way to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.
by: Paula Roy