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Fill rice paper with fresh fruit and mint leaves instead of vegetables and herbs for a fresh twist on summer rolls
These fun wrappers are family friendly fruit-filled finger food!
by: Paula Roy
Vegan climber had altitude sickness |
Altitude sickness can't be cured with bacon.
So delicious that the "vegan" part is almost an afterthought!
Packed with protein, potassium and fibre, this easy decadent truffle dessert is gluten free, has no refined sugar, and no guilt!  | YMCFood |
This easy decadent treat offers no gluten, no refined sugar, and no guilt!
by: Paula Roy
Roasted beets and garlic combined with walnuts, fresh lemon juice and olive oil make for a truly delicious pesto with a vibrant colour
Forget basil - this pesto’s flavour packs a pleasing, powerful punch.
by: Paula Roy
AR - These two plant-based recipes are vegan, kid friendly, and contain no refined sugar! | Health | YMCFood |
These recipes are kid-approved and sure to satisfy even the most intense dessert cravings.