Balsamic_Glazed_Baked_Tofu_With_Grilled_Vegetables |
This is the recipe that changes your perception of tofu.
You may have a hard time convincing your family that this decadent pasta dish is actually healthy.
A delicious twist on an conventional meat standard.
It feels like a devilishly bad treat, but the fibre and protein make these vegan cookies a sweet and satisfying snack. | YMCFood |
It feels like a devilishly bad treat but the fibre and protein make it a sweet and satisfying snack.
It's the perfect accompaniment to crudites or tortilla chips, and it can be used as a spread for a veggie wrap or a sandwich as well. Best of all, it's spicy.​ | YMCFood |
If we can't be spicy ourselves, the next best thing is to make a delicious spicy dip. 
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