You don't want the ex-lover around, so why keep their gifts? Donate them to a good cause.
valentine dinner
A school in P.E.I. might see a boom in enrolment after offering free babysitting so parents can enjoy a night out and reconnect.
red kite
The childhood relic meant more to this little boy than it ever would to anyone else.
I'll take my romance and sexy times the other 364 days of the year, thank-you-very-much.
If your partner doesn't like roses and chocolate, don't worry. Here are some practical Valentine's Day presents for the levelheaded lady in your life.
Lavish your loved one with these pink and red top-of-the line luxurious gifts (and if you end up treating yourself, we won't tell a soul).
by: Zeba Khan
This year let's celebrate Valentine's Day by fostering friendship among students instead of sending in sugary treats and cards that will be thrown out.
A sample of writings from famous men who put the "man" in romance.