If you watch only one thing today, watch this video. Then look up from whatever it is you're doing because what you're missing out on could be life changing.
Take a Break From Technology
Take the Tech Timeout pledge and bridge the digital divide with these six activities that will help you reconnect with your family.
Enjoying the Summer With Stressful Plans | YummyMummyClub.ca
Whoa! Let's all take a deep breath and make sure this summer is fun filled and stress free. Here's how.
Don't let devices disrupt time with your family by doing this.
help your family get unplugged
Read this story on how one family decided to overcome the powerful pull of electronic devices, then let us know if your family could do it.
Making sure we are in control of the amount of time we spend online versus the time we spend in the real world, is important. Our children are watching.
I'm supposed to be working right now but I can't stop thinking of yesterday.
If you can't be away from your device for more than a few minutes at a time you might need a tech time-out - it isn't just for kids.