Lesson Learned: Don't leave it up to a bakery to announce the gender of your baby.
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Your daily dose of happy. Watch this video that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face — because we could all use a little happy.
fake pregnancy
Could you imagine faking an entire pregnancy? Of triplets?
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Spill it! Did you find out the sex of your baby at the ultrasound? Why or why not?
After you find the lump and before you find out the results, your brain goes to a million different places. And Pac-Man. Always with the Pac-Man. Part 2/2.
What happens when you find a lump? You have a freak out session, make jokes about being felt-up, and pretend you're Brenda Walsh. Naturally. Part 1/2.
The ultrasound has gone from procedure to party with parents-to-be inviting guests to get a glimpse of the baby in utero.
Imagine if all moms got to see their babies like this.