The advice every parent should follow no matter how attractive their child is.
the lizzie project
The true meaning of beauty shines through in this video of Lizze Velasquez. We should all strive to be more like her.
$1,696.26 for a fashion faux pas? No thank you.
ugly, baby, phase, newborn, 5 weeks, baby acne, cradle cap, comedy, mr. burns
I'll be the first to admit it: Maeve is going through the ugly newborn phase—baby acne, and cradle cap, the drunken bobbleheadness.
ugly baby, cute baby, babies, genetics, cute, ugly, pregnancy, comedy, jen warman, shrek
Our son was shockingly adorable but what if this kid isn't so lucky? What if our first baby took all of the "cute genes"?
Though you may love sharing pictures on Instagram, the social media site has a darker side in which some pre-teen girls are indulging: Beauty contests.
#DontJudgeChallenge Gets Beauty All Wrong
It's meant to be helpful, but this social media campaign is ugly.