butter tarts recipe
It's the quintessentially Canadian treat. How you can make these little bites of heaven without the usual corn syrup.
by: Paula Roy
Grilled Shrimp
The trick to cooking corn on the barbecue is to do this before it goes anywhere near the grill.
Watermelon is the ultimate snack for kids in the summertime, and now you can have a frozen option that's healthy! Woohoo for Watermelon! | YMCFood | YummyMummyClub.ca
You don't need to tell your kids it's good for them....it'll be our little secret.
Banana muffins with a healthy twist. So tasty your kids won't even know they're eating vegetables.
Add a little jiggle to their Valentine's Day fun with these Jello treats!
Caramel Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
A sweet and salty treat for Valentine's Day...or who are we kidding? These are great for ANY day.
It may seem like a healthy choice but this sweet potato date muffin from Urban Herbivore has more calories than 14 glazed Timbits.
Healthy snack squares with oats, apples and cinnamon
Your kids think it's a tasty treat, you know it's a healthy snack. Win/win.
by: Paula Roy