From the celeb who was 20-months pregnant to the actor who could be considered a reckless parent here are the stories that captivated Kat in 2012.
Suri has been stalked by the paparazzi since she was an infant and now the six-year-old sweetheart may be the youngest celeb with an unauthorized bio.
teen magazines
The Brat Pack ruled, Ferris Bueller took a day off and Marky Mark sold underwear. Good times, indeed. Who were your celebrity idols from the 80s and 90s?
It was a quick marriage and an even quicker divorce with both parties settling within two weeks.
After five years together, 33-year-old actress Katie has filed for divorce from 49-year-old Cruise.
Call the sitter! You're about your rock out to Rock Of Ages!
Don't stop believing you can win tickets to rock out to the musical that's a hit around the world.
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Celebrity Vlog: Talking 50 Shades of Grey, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, and why you buy trashy tabloid magazines.