Boy donates piggy bank money to vandalized Mosque |
Every now and then it takes a child to come along and renew a grown up's faith in humanity.
Are You & Your Partner Close Enough?
Your problem may actually be that you're too close.
Talking to kids about race and racism
It’s time to talk to our children and help them understand that race exists but different does not have to mean the other. 
In the wake of jihadists attacks this Montreal teen felt the need to publicly speak out against ISIS.
Do you think this means we are becoming more tolerant as a society and moving towards true equality?
Things that are bull$shit
You may not be a teen but we can guarantee that you will think at least some of these things are bullsh*t too.
I had thought that the homogenized place where I was now living was not as quite as homogenized as I thought. Then I read our local paper.
Whether we are ready or not, preschoolers are curious about what they see in the world, and we have a responsibility to answer them honestly and respectfully.