I say it’s time for us to retire the word “busy" and stop using it as a badge of honour.
Most moms are not getting quite enough sleep. Most moms also don’t get enough exercise. If you only have time for one find out which you should choose.
For some reason, which I assume is because I must be good at hiding the shitstorm that is my life, people really think that I have my shit together.
Follow these three Ds to getting it done so you can carve out a little extra time for yourself.
It's time to get your priorities straight to help keep things together when you think it might all fall apart.
If you work from home and have a project due, you need to prepare for the unexpected. Practice smart time management by doing this.
by: YMC
Dad has more influence over kids' eating habits than mom.
5 Surprising Reasons This Budget Savvy Family Hires a Housekeeper
We hire someone to come into our house and clean, something we are completely capable of doing on our own.