Patti Lupone takes audience members phone
Broadway actress Patti Lupone has had quite enough of your cellphone bull&shit, thank you very much.
Whether it's an inner city school or a school nestled in a wealthy community, the end results of the school play are more similar than they are different.
The more kids see smoking in movies, the more likely they are to start.
Ross Petty Little Mermaid
Looking for a fantastic evening out with your family and friends? Ross Petty's The Little Mermaid is this season's must-sea production.
The Paprika Festival is where your kids can ignite their creativity while they learn to program, direct and act. Have them submit for the festival today!
Les Miserables is set to return to the Toronto stage and they're looking for young actors. Auditions are taking place this coming weekend. Read for more deets.
Need to get out of the house before the kids drive you mad? Beam your family to the show where they'll learn about space while you Klingon to your sanity.
It’s not impossible to fit theatre into your holiday tradition. In fact, it’s pretty easy.