In WTF news, Urban Outfitters had this tasteless sweatshirt for sale and it apparently sold out in record time.
Sadie Robertson Live Original by Sherri Hill
The Duck Dynasty crew is making the world a more fashionable place, as sixteen-year-old Sadie Robertson launches her line of Daddy-approved prom dresses.
American Apparel tshirt
Would you let your kids wear these shirts from American Apparel or are they too risque?
Having trouble back-to-school shopping for your daughter? Take the confusion out of choosing the right clothes for your teen!
I miss the days when I could simply hit the clearance racks and stock up for back to school clothes.
Brandy Melville USA One Size Fits Small
You don't need a lot of money to buy clothes at the hottest teen clothing retailer in the USA, just a low body fat percentage.