Raising kids is a huge effort. But don’t fear, it is all sinking in.
Transitioning from crib to bed is a big step for your toddler, and for you. Ann Douglas offers strategies for a transition triumph.
What I learned today is learning about your history can take a little time.
I don’t believe tantrums and whining come factory-installed in kids. But it certainly takes hard work, and skill, to avoid “spoiled” behaviour.
by: Traci Kay
Teaching Want Versus Need
My kids are lucky; they have too much stuff. Which means it’s time to learn as we purge. And understanding want versus need is top of the list.
Kids who frequently don't get work done, ignore classroom protocols, or make regular mistakes are trying to tell you something. It’s time to listen.
I want my children to be healthy. I am more active today then I have ever been in my life. I am hoping to be the model of how to live with balance.
Add this trick to teach kids fractions and make math equal fun!