Consideration is a hundred little acts that show you are thinking about others. |
Not changing the roll is the ultimate I-am-only-here-to-serve-myself message. 
girl wants donations to charity for birthday
This little girl is proof that age isn't a barrier to awareness. And that kids are never too young to develop empathy and a social conscience.
I was trying to prevent the ‘Fred situation’ in their college years.
note found in library book
The sweetest apology note you will read, and it's from a child.
Nutella Raspberry Crescent Rolls
Be the hit among your friends and family with these chef-worthy treats that have an explosion of decadent flavour in every bite.
Education and awareness has to start at a young age. Thought there may be no perfect time, the right time to start the discussion is when this happens.
skatepark ramp
A father attempting to teach his young son how to skateboard was banned from the park after a video showed the man shoving the boy off the ramp.
teaching kids to use credit cards
We live in a cashless society and financially literacy lessons need to be updated to reflect that.