These words are worse than any swear word you can ever say and truly have the power to hurt.
Maybe it's time to stop the abuse of this classic cuss.
I have a bit of a potty mouth myself, but clearly I didn’t realize how much he was actually taking in when I dropped the occasional F-bomb.
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Are you a gag-worthy friend? According to this mom you might be if you show any of these six signs.
This mom swears she's going to change her swearing ways. What about you? Do you swear in front of your children?
What would you do if you heard your child's friend cursing like a sailor? And is it your right to say anything at all?
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We know at least ten moms who do this. Spill lit! Do you do this too?
Swearing is not always appropriate, but it is not bad. Swearing is a skill.