As I was standing there tucking her little pajama clad five-year-old body into bed she caught me by surprise, saying, “I lie to you every day.”
I’ve had just about enough of these ridiculous birthday parties. Enough.
We were seven. Suddenly, I can’t remember why, he tied me to a garden trellis with a skipping rope.
Literally nothing could have prepared me for the surgery I needed when, after four days of labour, everyone agreed my daughter was stuck.
The early years aren't for the faint of heart.
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If you enjoy snipits of stories that allow you to see into the lives of other mothers - and martinis - you're going to want to read this book.
The best entertainment known to mankind and you won't find it on a screen.
You know back when you had TV antennas, and you’d have to hold it at a 36-degree angle while yodeling into a glass half full of mayonnaise for reception?