thigh gap
The newest trend for young girls is to have a 'sexy' space between their thighs. Is Thigh Gap another fad or more pressure for girls to look a certain way?
Finding the right denim doesn't need to be an exercise in exhaustion. Ali is bursting at the jean seams to show you the perfect pairs.
Are your skinny jeans a health hazard?
Are your skinny jeans a health hazard?
Women are literally suffering for fashion. We say it's time to get rid of the skinny jeans and wear something that's comfortable.
Jessica Alba is a fashion do with this easy-to-wear, everyday ensemble that doesn't look schlumpy.
When it comes to fashion, proportion matters. Here are the rules of the style game you need to follow.
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Steal Her Style Kate Beckinsale
With her voluminous bun and chic layers, Kate Beckinsale is the queen of casual style. Steal her laid-back look with these affordable pieces.
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