'Love Me Again' may have you 'Cheating' on your favourite bands with this singer who hails from across the pond.
One song, two versions. It's Lorde vs. Walk Off The Earth–which version do you like better?
New Music For The Week Of June 1st. Check out these songs released by David Gray and Matthew Mayfield—both very different, both very addictive.
You decide that it's time to do something that's all your own... To express the side of you that has been lost in the shuffle of 'adulthood and everyday life for all those years.
Mississauga native Robyn Dell'Unto first took the stage in Hamilton, Ontario.
Scotty James is a 20-something Canadian singer/songwriter who plays for girls, smiles and broken hearts.
Last week I connected with a fab singer/songwriter from the UK by the name of Stylusboy. He has a great new EP out called 'Whole Picture' which I love. It's charming, sweet and poppy.
Maureen Kennedy
Jazz musician Maureen Kennedy reveals what real beauty means to her and how it's important to cultivate your other qualities first.