Boys don't talk about their feelings? It's not okay to have a tingly feeling? My blood is boiling at the jokes I used to find funny.
Feminists (loudly) proclaim that porn degrades women and uses them as objects only for the pleasure of men but the right porn can add spice to your sex life.
Robin Thicke Blurred Lines
The full-frontal nudity version of the video may have been banned from YouTube but does 'Blurred Lines' really promote rape?
The state of my underwear drawer was the perfect metaphor for how I felt about myself and my sexuality – basically, one big mess.
Spill it! Do you think Wilde's comments on sex with her ex went to far?
No time for sex? This little trick is efficient, effective and brings no end of happiness to the recipient. Mission accomplished.
Did you ever notice how asparagus looks like a penis? You might want to think about it the next time you bit the head off this delicate spear.
Slip into something a little more 'Ohhh yeah!' Operation Steamy is in effect: we're talking sex toys and spicing things up for moms and couples everywhere.