The shocking stat we should all care about.
Sexual assault, assault, Jian Ghomeshi
This girl had been assaulted and a jury of her peers - myself included - had let her down. I'm ashamed to admit that I had almost forgotten about her
The extreme misogyny and intolerance we are seeing is simply the death throes of an old way of thinking.
MIT Report on Sexual Assault
Recently, a study revealed that one in six female students at MIT report being a victim of sexual assault
For those who have been abused I believe all of you
It's not enough to not be part of the problem anymore because the problem is bigger than we knew and it is not going away on its own.
Social media is a powerful tool and it's helping to create change 140 characters at a time.
aaron lewis
Aaron Lewis was partway through a performance when he stopped the show to chastise spectators for molesting a girl who was crowd-surfing.
Bill Cosby
In an exclusive interview, Phylicia Rashad had a few things to say about the accusations against Cosby.