peter mackay
Justice Minister, Peter MacKay, gave two very different messages celebrating the contributions of mothers and fathers. What do you think about what he said?
women pilots shouldn't exist
Carey Steacy, the pilot who received a sexist note from a passenger on her flight, had the perfect response for her detractor.
twitter, science
During a live feed from the European Space Agency (ESA), Matt Taylor, one of the researchers involved, thought it would be funny to wear a sexist shirt.
women search on google
If you type in the phrase "Women need to..." into Google, the results that come up will shock you.
What do you think of this experiment? Is it pure sexism or a bit foodie fun?
A sexist campaign to promote safe driving in Halifax has taken a turn for the worse.
In just a couple of paragraphs we're given sweeping gender statements and generalizations that are as plainly insulting as they are untrue.