Lady Doritos is the unvarnished concept of an idea, based on market research, that went horribly, horribly wrong.
I am a daughter. I have a daughter. The word “daughter” matters exactly ZERO percent to the validity of my experiences.
Picture it: A heterosexual celebrity couple walks on the beach (it doesn’t matter who, they all blend together). They are laughing and having fun...
#WomenBoycottTwitter is a reaction to the suspension of the actor Rose McGowan, a sexual assault victim, earlier this week.
Terry Crews’ experience is being hailed as shocking, while countless female victims of assault are ignored daily.
I want to show it over and over again to my daughter and say, “THIS! THIS is what is possible for you. You can’t do as much as a man. You can do SO MUCH MORE.”
We can’t ignore the misogyny. What exactly does “act like a lady” mean?