It's time to breathe some fresh air into your old routines and learn how to turn those warm embers of love into a towering inferno.
Sex After Having A Baby: 5 Things Moms Need To Know
Having a baby will definitely change your sex life but that doesn't mean the change has to be for the worse.
sex with a new partner after becoming a mom
I silently prayed he couldn’t see the layer of squish that won’t leave my mid-section, no matter how many miles or crunches I complete or pounds I shed.
too tired for sex
Five reasons you may not be having sex and how you can easily fix them.
When my husband complained about having sex only once a week and then told me he would be playing hockey four times, my passive aggressive side came out.
You probably aren’t suffering from low libido it's responsibility that is the culprit that zaps your sex drive.
Feminists (loudly) proclaim that porn degrades women and uses them as objects only for the pleasure of men but the right porn can add spice to your sex life.
Sexy is probably the last thing you feel right now, so this is how you go from making your "spark" go from smoldering to hot again.