allergy books
If you're a parent of a child who has severe allergies, these books can help explain severe allergies and anaphylaxis to kids, peers, and other parents.
by: Alex Thom
How To Know If It's Really An Allergic Reaction
In a severe allergic emergency, every second counts so remember this rule of thumb when it comes to using an EpiPen.
by: Erica Ehm
Could there have been a cross-contamination of his food? What if he's having a delayed allergic reaction? I made the call to grab his EpiPen and inject him.
by: Alex Thom
Learning to Live with A Dairy Allergy
In 2002 my daughter had three anaphylactic reactions due to mislabeled products. We were responsible for three national food recalls that year.
Managing Our Son's Food Allergy the Best Way We Can
One of the biggest challenges for many families is helping others understand your child's allergies and teaching them to make adjustments to keep him safe.
5 Steps To A Balanced Family Meal For Kids With Allergies
Creating balanced, healthy family meals can be challenging at the best of times, but even more so if one of your kids has a severe food allergy.
Maintaining a Food-Safe Environment for My Little Boy
A moment of forgetfulness can be a death sentence for my son. There is no room for a mistakes when your child has severe allergies.
Can scientists find a fix for the alarming increase in food allergies? The Allergy Fix documentary is looking for answers about allergies.
by: Alex Thom