The advice every parent should follow no matter how attractive their child is.
Early to bed and early to rise, may make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise but making his bed will teach lessons that will carry him through life.
I was a lifetime pleaser of people, desperately seeking their approval so that I would feel loved.
I'm going to change the conversation at my house and start focusing on more than appearance. Will you join me?
plus size princess
High school student Jewel Moore has created a petition asking Disney to make plus-size princesses. She's collected 18,500 signatures to date.
heavy women are happier
Feeling fat? A new study shows that you're most likely feeling more content as well. What do you think? Do you feel happier when you're heavier?
The Skinny Mirror provides users with rose-coloured glasses, making them appear up to 10lbs lighter. Spill it! Would you consider buying one?
dad makes great antibullying video
Dad-of-three Khari Touré, was inspired to pen the song "Love Yourself" after witnessing his daughters' struggle with body image issues.