The first time I walked through the doors at the wax salon for a Brazilian wax, I felt strangely grown up and also weirdly and irrationally glamorous.
I was a lifetime pleaser of people, desperately seeking their approval so that I would feel loved.
When you’re a mom, it can sometimes feel like all you do is care about other people:
Before I became a mother I hadn’t realized how all-consuming motherhood and family life would become.
Why do moms feel the need to justify doing things that benefit them? I’m guilty of it.
Throughout my third pregnancy, I experienced debilitating moments of anxiety and sadness, and found myself unable to cope.
Woman Walking in the Forest
There is a growing body of evidence and scholarly literature that points to the benefits of regular outdoor experiences.
My body has done wonderful things.... and I love it. But that doesn't mean there aren't changes I can make.