We can tell our daughters every day that they are smart, beautiful, funny, and kind, but the goal is for them to hear it and most importantly, to believe it.
Ain’t no one happy if mama ain’t happy, but all that runs through my mind is, “Why are you so selfish?”
I’m not ready to have a conversation about the word thin with my five-year-old, but it doesn’t seem that I have a choice.
This one hack makes everything in your life look good.
Blissdom conference
Blogger or business woman or both - why you need to attend the Blissdom 2015 conference.
We all have everything we need to be happy right now here in this moment. Will you be able to stop chasing the wrong thing?
Find Out About Your Personality
Skip the one-minute online quiz today and take one that really reflects your personality.
Every day I wake up and put on my armor for myself and my family. But relapsing is not my worst fear - it's passing it on to my three beautiful girls.