Joe's parents have logged 42 years, he hasn't even hit 7. But whatever bar they set, he's look forward to challenging it.
Lupita Nyong’o
This is not a message that should be limited to only black females. Sit down with your daughter and watch it today. It could change her life (and yours).
And no... not for the reasons you think I might be thrilled.
my mom is my hero
We challenge you to start a conversation with your kids and ask, "Who is your hero?"
Watch as Emily Graslie, Chief Curiousity Correspondent for Chicago's Field Museum, talks about how sexist comments hurt women.
When I saw a video of myself running, I wanted to quit–I looked ridiculous. But I didn't because I want to teach girls this important life lesson.
While Ann Coulter may have made the news with her intentionally inflammatory tweet, it's this remarkable man we should be paying attention to.
The next time you are faced with a difficult decision that compromises your health in even the smallest way, ask yourself this one question.