A Halifax restaurant tried saying "Not Welcome" to some clientele. Discrimination, or their prerogative?
Do you think this sign was offensive or making light of child abuse?
How would you feel about being refused service just because a child is present?
autism restaurant
How to survive whining and dining when you have a child who finds it hard to cope with everyday situations.
An Italian restaurant gave the King family a discount because the children were well-behaved. Spill it! Would your family have gotten the same discount?
The Food Network On The Road is a delicious app for any on-the-go foodie — especially if you're a fan of the popular television network.
The number of children with serious food allergies is climbing at an epidemic rate. Here's how to play it safe.
by: Erica Ehm
diner owner yells at crying child
A crying child gets a diner owner to yell - and social media to roar.