Studies suggest 25 is the new 18, and it looks increasingly like it might be because our kids don't HAVE to grow up.
note found in library book
The sweetest apology note you will read, and it's from a child.
You might pick up an important lesson here, too!
In attempt to teach her boys some conscientiousness, this mom vowed to quit coming to their rescue every time they screwed up.
Time have changed since we went to school and it may be have an impact on your child's schoolwork.
We don't hesitate to go to professionals to renovate our home or fix our appearance so why do we hesitate when it comes to fixing a marriage?
How Not To Have An Affair
The Bottom Line: No matter what's going on in your marriage, adding a new person to the mix is never the answer. Here's how you can discourage an affair.
Dads do something completely ordinary, everyone drops down to kiss his feet, and moms everywhere go, “You know we did that 12 times before breakfast, right?"