Here I am. I’m not questioning my decision to be a SAHM, but rather, I’m wondering if my kids will be proud of my decision.
Ferris Wheel
I don’t want my kids to be afraid of the things I’m afraid of JUST because I’m afraid of them.
I still have to work harder to prove myself because I am perceived as young. It’s opened my eyes to just how much our society discriminates based on age.
Friendship in Unlikely Places |
It's not every day that your child forms a close bond with the local sanitation worker.
Interntational Women's Day |
As far-fetched as these future events sound, they'll still happen before women reach equality.
Raising Confident Girls in a Judgemental World
Not 3 seconds after my daughter entered the world, the nurse exclaimed, “she’s a big girl!” And with that, a lifetime of being judged on her appearance began.
We don't hesitate to go to professionals to renovate our home or fix our appearance so why do we hesitate when it comes to fixing a marriage?
Kate sets clear boundaries, Toby ignores the boundaries, and because it’s television, everything works out great. That's bullshit.