Make your man feel more manly by love-bombing him with a day filled with his favourites.
Ever have one of those couple-fighting days? No matter how you try, you are still grating on each others last nerve? Save your relationship by eating this.
It never once crossed my mind that the time would come when he didn’t want me to kiss him anymore.
A sex therapist and her husband review a game that's supposed to get couples talking about their sex life.
super mom after failed relationship
If you have made the painful choice to leave a failing relationship- take heart. There is life after and it can be a beautiful one.
You probably aren’t suffering from low libido it's responsibility that is the culprit that zaps your sex drive.
Feminists (loudly) proclaim that porn degrades women and uses them as objects only for the pleasure of men but the right porn can add spice to your sex life.
My toddler has become addicted to my boob and I have taken to wearing my protective kevlar boob shield 90% of the time.