This must-read story is a touching tale that will resonate with the insecure teen that lives inside each and every one of us.
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An evocative tale and vividly intense coming of age story for the trio of boys and the city at large.
Page-turner Debut Novel By Lottie Moggach
This debut novel by author Lottie Moggach will make you question your on-line relationships, digital identity, and ultimately, reality.
If you’ve been Jonesing for Bridget then fret no more, because she’s baaaack and BRIDGET JONES is...
In this new erotica series by L. Marie Adeline, a group of women discover their desires, shed their inhibitions and live out their fantasies.
The SPARK, a true story about Kristine Barnett's remarkable gift to her son, will light a fire in you and inspire you to ignite the spark in your child.
Quench your addiction for fiction with this epic tale filled with rich history intermixed with scenes of horror that will keep you riveted to the very end.