Do Your Eyes Light Up For Your Kids?
This could be your 'aha' moment. Will your kids remember you with a critical face or as someone whose eyes lit up when they walked in the room?
A Goodbye poem for my foster children
Our foster children have left their footsteps on our hearts - and it hurts to say goodbye.
The SPARK, a true story about Kristine Barnett's remarkable gift to her son, will light a fire in you and inspire you to ignite the spark in your child.
I endure daily reminders that I have grown unimportant. If I’m no longer the person I once was with priorities, outside interests and work then who am I?
by: Maia Gibb
Should children fear their parents? Isn't it our job to be a parent and not a friend?
And that is when I learned this most important parenting lesson: you do the best you can, and you do what you need to do to get through the day.
It took me a while, but I finally learned that quiet children are generally not well-occupied children.
raising teens with a conscience
Who are these parents that have let their children grow into teenagers who contemplate doing unthinkable acts upon their schoolmates?