Pepsi's new ad isn't just offensive to the woke, it was poorly timed, too.
You could be using language in your home that causes pain to your child now or in the future.
#WomenBoycottTwitter is a reaction to the suspension of the actor Rose McGowan, a sexual assault victim, earlier this week.
Talking to kids about race and racism
It’s time to talk to our children and help them understand that race exists but different does not have to mean the other. 
Racism in Canada
It's ironic that I experienced my first serious incident of racism since elementary school at the Canadian institution of Tim Horton's.
We Need to Come Together on Common Ground to fight injustice
I know I’m just on the brink of what I hope is a positive, impactful experience.
current American political climate
We must not forget that the behaviour of other countries threaten public perception towards women - and our very liberties - in our own homeland.
Little Billy's tale shows the divides in America still - especially in journalism.