In the "bacon makes it" category, we give you this Asparagus, Bacon and Garlic Penne pasta recipe that will have your kids asking for seconds. | YMCFood |
In the "bacon makes it" category we give you this pasta that will have your kids asking for seconds.
bean artichoke salad |
You likely already have the ingredients for this salad in your pantry!
You can take leftovers like rice and chicken, add a few cherry tomatoes, and have a tasty Tomato, Rice and Chicken Frittata for dinner in less time than it takes to order a pizza. | 15 Minute Meals | Recipes | YMCFood |
Make this for dinner in just about 15 minutes.
roasted fig prosciutto and creamy ricotta
It's easy to prepare - but no one needs to know that.
bbq'd honey garlic wings
The sticky, sweet, and spicy wings that won't stick around for long.
summer salmon pasta recipe
Take leftover salmon and turn into into a quick weeknight favourite meal.
Only three ingredients are needed for this salmon recipe that has a hint of sweet and packs a nutrition punch.
This 20 minute no-cook sundried tomato pesto is a riff on a traditional pesto.  Made with a base of sundried tomatoes and parsley, it is super easy to throw together and jam packed with flavour. | YMCfood |
This weeknight superhero recipe means you can get dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes.