Alyssa Milano told to "hand it over" at Heathrow Airport. But does breastmilk = terrorism threat?
don't ask a mom how she is feeding her baby
Don't ask a mom how she is feeding her baby. Instead, tell her how adorable her baby is. You will make her day.
I had nursed two thriving babies and was confident in my ability to care for a baby, until I wasn’t.
Some people drink at concerts, some people do drugs. Me? I rock out by pumping breast milk.
I have become a hoarder. A hoarder of my own breast milk. Do you have any idea what all that milk means? Do you?
French President Nicolas Sarkozy made some comments comparing breastfeeding to slavery. Did he go too far or did he hit the proverbial nail on the head?
Amber Mac does a good job describing the scene. Her advice to marketers trying to make a push into social media? "Don't tick off the mommy bloggers."
New breast pump |
It's 2016, and we have self-driving cars and sleek phones that double as cameras - why has no one has designed a better breast pump?