As a dad, my knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of women is both practical and minimal. But as a parent, biology basics have to be in your wheelhouse.
Lamilly period party doll
Lammily now comes complete with an unprecedented accessory.
I am very much of the mindset that we should be open with our children about their bodies and about puberty.
purity ball
Purity balls are a special celebration in which girls symbolically offer up their virginity for safeguarding by their fathers.
talking to daughter
17 pieces of advice to help raise your daughter in a world that focuses on outward appearances.
Research has indicated that girls in the U.S. are reaching puberty at increasingly younger ages and this is bad news for their health.
mother talking to daughter
If your daughter is approaching puberty, it's time to start planning and prepare for "The Talk." Here's how.
My daughter is nine. She's at the precipice of puberty and willing it to happen. I want to tell her to slow down.