A school project has turned a 15-year-old British schoolgirl into a fashion celebrity when she made a wedding dress out of this.
The news is official: the royal couple are expecting a mini Royal of their own but Kate has been hospitalized and put on bed rest.
Princess Diana and Her Motherhood Legacy | YummyMummyClub.ca
Her lasting legacy of “The People’s Princess,” “Queen of Hearts,” - and most pivotal, Mom of two - lingers on. 
I'm going to break my royal silence and say that I think Kate shouldn't have been going topless in the first place.
If Diana were alive today, would she have had some sage advice for her oldest son and his bride-to-be on how to deal with the press and paparazzi?
Sometimes it's nice to forget all the bad news in the world and get swept up in a fairy tale.
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New 'evidence' regarding the deaths of Lady Diana and Dodi Fayed almost 16 years ago has been presented to the UK's Scotland Yard.