What do you think of this social experiment where two Utah Valley students greeted women by attempting to kiss them on the cheeks before moving on to the mouth
We fail to see how crushing a child's Disney dreams is funny in any way. Spill it! What do you think of this prank.
Creepy Clown threats cause school lockdown
Oh, hey, great news! There are random, potentially terrifying people dressing up as creepy clowns running around!
What are some pranks I can play on my kids that (a) are safe and (b) won’t end with me having to clean up a mess.
Looking for a fun April Fool's joke to play on your kids or co-workers? This simple PC prank will have them clicking like mad.
april fools prank
This could probably be the best April Fools' joke ever. Thankfully the professor has a good sense of humour.